My VAT number doesn't work?

If you are a properly registered business a VAT number is required by law. We advise ensuring your Zolemba account has a validated VAT number added. Please get in contact with our customer service representatives should you experience any validation issues. 


Because my business is abroad but within the EU, my order should be exempt from VAT costs. What should I do?

If you are established as a company outside of the Netherlands but are within the EU, and you have a valid VAT number, you are exempt from paying VAT. This is called an intra-community supply. When creating your account, you must not only enter your VAT number but also validating it. To properly apply your VAT number to your Zolemba account, you must not only enter the number but also validate the number for your account to fully register. Once you’ve validated your VAT number, your orders will not display VAT costs to your orders.  


Incorrect VAT has been calculated on my invoice. How do I correct this?

If you are a registered business and you notice that VAT has been incorrectly calculated onto your invoice, it is likely that your VAT number has not been entered and/or has not been properly validated onto our Zolemba account. Review your account details to see if your VAT number has been validated. For any questions, please get in contact with our customer service team.